Ripples #665: Effort!

Ripples #665: Effort!
For our tribe of 30,079 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.


Effort weighs ounces,
but regret weighs tons.
-Jim Rohn, submitted by Nick in New Jersey


Let us not be content to wait
and see what will happen,
but give us the determination
to make the right things happen.
-Peter Marshall, submitted by Jenny in Sheboygan, WI


I’ve returned from hanging out with student leaders at both George Mason University near Washington, DC and The University of Texas in Austin. Both campuses were filled with dynamic leaders who were eager to explore strategies that could increase their effectiveness on campus and in life.

While I’m happy to share tips on time management and building relationships and taking care of yourself, one of the most important keys to success in school, work, and life is being able to get up and get out there and DO IT! Consistently taking action toward a goal is far more useful than sitting back and wishing and hoping. Dreaming is helpful only when it is followed by doing.

This could be your week to realize some significant success by putting a bit more EFFORT toward your goals. I dare you to write down a single action that you hope to take this week and post it somewhere unavoidable.

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