Ripples #664: Love!

Ripples #664: Love!
For our tribe of 29,945 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.


Those who live passionately
teach us how to love.
Those who love passionately
teach us how to live.
-Yogananda, submitted by Kimberly in San Luis Obispo, CA


…..Or maybe the purpose of being here, wherever we are, is to increase the durability and the occasions of love among and between peoples. Love as the concentration of tender caring and tender excitement, or love as the reasons for joy. I believe that love is the single, true prosperity of any moment and that whatever and whoever impedes, diminishes, ridicules, opposes the development of loving spirit is ‘wrong’/hateful.
-June Jordan, submitted by Nichole in Eau Claire, WI


I know some people feel that Valentine’s Day is a contrived event that forces couples to spend furiously on each other AND invites those of us who are single to feel lonely. I prefer to experience it as an opportunity to remember that love is an essential essence that should be shared generously with our friends, our partners, and ourselves. Love connects us to the people who invite us to be our best, full selves. I’ll use today’s Ripples to share my gratitude for all the love that flows from our happy tribe of Ripplers, and invite you to savor the love you’ve shared and received.


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