Ripples #632: Being Free!

Ripples #632: Being Free!
For our tribe of 27,890 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
July 4, 2011


Freedom is the fundamental condition for any growth.
-Erich Fromm


The freedom from something is not true freedom.
The freedom to do anything you want to do
is also not the freedom I am talking about.
My vision of freedom is to be yourself.


We are celebrating Independence Day here in the USA. I hope you can
experience freedom today: consider what it might feel like to enlarge your
independence by expanding awareness of the choices and options which are
beacons of freedom.

Or would you like to experience more freedom? Maybe you could let a bottle
rocket launch a lingering frustration into the heavens, or allow a sparkler
to shine light on a past fear that doesn’t serve you well.

Be safe, be happy, be free!


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