Ripples #631: Your Light!

Ripples #631: Your Light!
For our tribe of 27,902 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.

June 27, 2011


I do not wish to walk in the shadow of another,
but in the light of my new adventure.
-written and submitted by Ashley Muche, Mayville WI


There comes a time in one’s life
where one must decide whether
one wants to be blinded by the sun,
or be awakened by the light.
-written & submitted by Richa R., Wauwatosa WI


We reached another “longest day of the year” here in the northern
hemisphere and that has me thinking about light. Both of this week’s quotes
were crafted by Ripplers, which reinforces that each of us has a light
shining in us that others need to see.

I hope you can let your light shine this week: strike out on a new
adventure; be awakened by a new idea you’ve recently dreamed up; or craft
and submit your own




in order to share your wisdom with other Ripplers! Let it shine!


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