Ripples #599: Cultivating Knowledge!

Ripples #599: Cultivating Knowledge!
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Nov 15, 2010


Knowledge is like a garden, if it is not cultivated it can not be
-African Proverb, submitted by Kalea, Chico CA


Students must be convinced that changing one’s mind in light of the
evidence is not weakness: Changing one’s mind is the essence of intellectual
growth. …If we can create environments in which [children] can safely have
small epiphanies in the light of evidence, they will be motivated to share
those lessons.
-Thomas W. Martin, submitted by Terry, Franklin WI


We have more information available to us than ever before. Sometimes,
however, we filter out the information that challenges what we believe and
“know” because it is easier to focus on the information that is congruent
with our current world view. We like saying, “See, I’m right!” even if
there is significant evidence to the contrary.

Perhaps you can keep your eyes and ears open this week for a new way of
“knowing” something, and seek the courage to seriously consider whether it
is time to plow under the “old way” and let it be fertilizer for the new.
[Of course I am not suggesting you toss out everything. Just ponder the
last year to ensure you have shifted at least one way you think, feel, or
“know” something.]


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