Ripples #598: Do What You Do!

Ripples #598: Do What You Do!
For our tribe of 27,024 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
Nov 8, 2010


Be aware of what is in you.
Announce it, pronounce it,
produce it and give birth to it.
-Meister Eckhart, submitted by Terry, Oak Creek WI


…..If we truly believe
in what we are doing,
we can move mountains,
we can change the world…
So, do what you do, whatever it is…
because without you,
who is going to make the signs,
or write the book,
or hug those who need it most?
-Ben Broadbent, submitted by Jill, Plymouth NH


As we inch toward the end of the year, you may feel like you are running
out of steam and overwhelmed with all the STUFF that needs to get done
before the holiday craziness begins.

This might be a good week to take a deep breath, find a few minutes to
relax and reflect on what you hope to accomplish in the remaining few weeks
of 2010, and then jump in with both feet to DO WHAT YOU DO!


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