Ripples #589: Celebrate Today!

Ripples #589: Celebrate Today!
For our tribe of 26,130 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.

Sep 6, 2010


There are exactly as many special occasions in life
as we choose to celebrate. -Robert Brault


The value of this day is impossible to measure, for it will never come
again. I do not wish to regret its passing. What I do today is up to me and
no one else. I can use it to good advantage or squander it away. The choice
is mine. I will try and make my day one of: success rather than failure;
satisfaction rather than frustration; joy rather than tears; contentment
rather than worry; and love rather that hate.
-adapted from unknown source, submitted by Dixie S., Valley City ND


Please forgive my brevity, but I must rush outside soon to celebrate today.
Do me a favor and stop reading your emails and join the celebration: run
outside and walk barefoot in the grass or call a friend and make them giggle
or savor a single cookie. Just do something joyful to Celebrate Today!


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