Ripples #590: Ladder of Success!

Ripples #590: Ladder of Success!
For our tribe of 26,100 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
Sep 13, 2010


The ladder of success is best climbed
by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.
-Ayn Rand, submitted by Joycelyn F., Reedsburg WI


At last the ladder,
Which had been built
Slowly, Slowly,
One hope at a time,
Reached up
To the clouds.
And the dreamer
Began to climb.
-Katherine Berry, submitted by Julie T., Eugene OR


You may not have noticed, but every single day of your life has been about
building your ladder. The joyful days make it easier to climb, the
difficult days make you stronger, and the regular days are opportunities to
keep on climbing up, up, up towards your highest dreams, your highest goals,
your highest and bestest self.

Today is here. Climb if you can, rest if you need to, and enjoy the view!



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