Ripples #1134: Healing the Hero


Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can. Allow. Embrace. Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal. -Vironika Tugaleva, shared by Isaac in Sedona, AZ


And though the darkness may seem incorrigible, it is up to each of us to find the internal strength to strive and make our own way. Indeed, there are guides and companions along the way, but once you realize that you are sovereign in your capacity to make your life the way you want it to be, there is no limit to the light you can shine, the darkness you can obliterate, or the paths you can illuminate for yourself. We are all protagonists in our own lives; we are all heroes in our own stories.
-Jeremiah Cobra, shared by Harry in San Clemente, CA


I’m a morning person, and I love my morning walks. For the past several weeks they’ve been even more energizing than usual because I recently befriended a neighbor who, like me, is an early riser and an early exerciser. We’re still getting to know each other, and we’re both curious, so of course there is lots of personal history to share. Earlier this week I was unpacking some of the chapters of my life that have required quite a bit of healing, growth, and therapy.

My first reaction after we parted ways on that morning was to cringe: ooh, that was a lot of self disclosure…might she think that was too much too soon? It wouldn’t take me too long to recognize that my temporary insecurity was based in the vulnerability I had just risked and had little to do with her capacity to embrace both the bright lights and the darker shadows of my personal history.

My second reaction to the conversation came an hour later when I sat down to work on this week’s Ripples and the above quotes were at the top of my “Paired up and Eager to be Rippled” list. I did a quick pivot from needless worrying to proud beaming. The chat was another useful reminder that all the STUFF I’ve been through, and importantly all the ways I RESPONDED to that stuff, has paved the way for growth: personal growth that allows me to enjoy a rich, full life, and professional growth that allows me to share with others some useful ideas and strategies I’ve picked up along my journey. You know, people like you, right now, reading this. How crazy cool is that?

We are indeed the heroes of our own stories AND we’re heroes in need of healing, still on our paths. Do me a favor: take a moment right now to cut yourself a little slack for any healing work that still lies before you, and also congratulate yourself on the insights and actions that have helped you make it to today. You deserve it, and generosity toward yourself will compound your healing efforts. Are you in? Ooh, I hope so.


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