Ripples #958: Shuffle Your Feet!

Ripples #958: Shuffle Your Feet!
Oct 2, 2017


If you get started off on the wrong foot, just shuffle your feet!
-Diana Sherman
written and shared by Diana in Mt. Vernon, IL


Perfection should never be the goal;
practice is the goal.
Live in awareness and nurture your practice.
-Caroline Myss, shared by Marjorie in Carbondale, IL


Mistakes exist for us to improve, learn, and grow. They are a vital form of feedback, and are useful as a relatively efficient path to mastery as long as we pause to reflect and learn from them. How much time and energy do we spend regretting errors when we could be investing in further practice that can reduce and eventually eliminate future mistakes? And how often do we delay action in our futile attempts to avoid making mistakes when we could be diving in to the learning process?

Make friends with your past mistakes and thank them for all they’ve helped you learn; be gentle with the mistakes you’ll make today and tomorrow so they can more eagerly help you grow.

The Ripples Guy
P.S. I feel like this is a good time to apologize for the typos that I often notice after Ripples zooms out on Monday morning. I try to build in a final read through that is just for typos and grammar/spell check; sometimes I run out of time, and other times my mind mentally corrects them as I read so I don’t notice them. D’oh! Now I’ll let that go, shuffle my feet, and focus on next week’s issue. Namaste.

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