Ripples #957: Hang On!

Ripples #957: Hang On!
Sep 25, 2017


Sometimes when you feel like it is everything you can do to JUST HANG ON, it is important to remember that JUST HANGING ON is what matters most..
-Matt Laufersweiler
written and shared by Matt in Cincinnati (who mentioned this in passing to a loved one who was struggling, and later heard back that it really made a difference)


You’ve got mountains of your own, I’ll bet on it. Take heart. Be encouraged. Remain steadfast. Hang on for dear life. You’ve got a better grip than you realize.
-Adam Young, shared by Rico in Two Rivers, WI


Ever get so caught up in the big stuff you’re juggling that it seems overwhelming since you cannot possibly solve ALL the problems and conquer ALL the challenges that you are currently facing? Yeah, me too.

The bad news: we can’t resolve everything today.
The good news: we don’t need to.

When struggling, pause for a moment and remember: we’ve had a good enough grip on things to make it to today. This is a reasonably good indication that we can make it to tomorrow which will arrive soon enough with a fresh batch of time and energy to make further progress.

In conclusion:
1. Take a deep breath.
2. Then take another.
3. Take one thing to focus on that you know matters.
4. Then take another.

The Ripples Guy
P.S. It matters to me that you take time to read these weekly splashes. It matters a great deal. Thank you!

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