Ripples #903: Opportunities Within Uncertainties.

Ripples #903: Opportunities Within Uncertainties.
Sept 12, 2016


Uncertainty is where things happen.
It is where the opportunities — for success, for happiness, for really living — are waiting.
-Martha Nussbaum, shared by Leslie in Madison, WI


I slip back many times, I fall, I stand still, I run against the edge of hidden obstacles, I lose my temper and find it again and keep it better. I trudge on, I gain a little, I feel encouraged, I get more eager and climb higher and begin to see the widening horizon. Every struggle is a victory.
-Helen Keller, shared by Susan in Ashland, Oregon


There are just so many times that we are afraid to step out into the unknown. The less certainty we have about what is going to happen, the more trepidation we are going to have. It might be useful to keep in mind that just as fear is a critical component of courage since you’re only being brave if you’re also scared, uncertainty is a necessary part of stepping into new realms of possibility. The only way to *accomplish* things we haven’t yet done is to *do* things we haven’t yet done.

That means scooting farther away from our comfort zone and spending more time in our challenge zone. Not so far that we’re terrified; just far enough for our knees to wobble just a tad. What could you do this week to wade into the pond of uncertainty? Splash around a bit, and maybe make some ripples, mkay?

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