Ripples #902: Your Work, Your Worth!

Ripples #902: Your Work, Your Worth!
Sept 05, 2016


You are more than what you do, produce, or achieve. Don’t believe for a second that your output and your income dictate your worth. They don’t.
-Lori Deschene,


Let your career be your passion, let it bring you pleasure; but don’t let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that.
-Celine Dion, submitted by Gina E, Cincinnati, OH


It’s Labor Day! The holiday honors the labor movement which cultivated rights and respect for American workers. Of course many of us celebrate Labor Day as one last holiday weekend to enjoy summer before we head into the fall season of work/school.

I think it is also a fine opportunity to recognize the occupational contributions we’ve each made to our communities, and to remember that our work is just one part of who we are. We can be proud of our work without being defined solely by how we make a living or what studies we’re pursuing, just as we can strive to deliver excellence in our chosen profession without being consumed by it.

Seek, find, and refine your own particular combination of work and play and rest that will help you unleash your best self. You are worth it, and so is your work.

The Ripples Guy

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