Ripples #880: The Sweetness Within.

Ripples #880: The Sweetness Within.
Apr 4, 2016


Find the sweetness in your own heart, then you may find the sweetness in every heart.


The relationship you have with yourself adds more substance to your happiness than the ones you have with others. Learn to value your life.


As you learn to identify, value, and honor all the good stuff bundled up inside of you, you may notice that it gradually becomes effortless to appreciate all the good stuff that surrounds you. Even in difficult times, and perhaps especially in difficult times, there is useful treasure waiting to be found both within and nearby.

Seeking the sweetness within is a sacred and relatively simple process: reflecting on recent successes; identifying qualities or skills that have help us endure difficulty; contemplating positive memories and cherished connections. All of these efforts can lift our spirits, our outlook, and our resolve. Whether it is you or someone you know who is struggling lately, make a gentle effort to savor the sweetness within.

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