Ripples #1262: Kindness (A Spacious Reframe)

We are the actions…and maybe the most important word…the kindness…that we leave behind.
-Andrew Garfield, shared by Emily in Carlow, Ireland

Maybe our choice to be kind isn’t meant to be about whether someone deserves it, but about creating the kind of world we want to live in and the way we want to show up in it.
-paraphrased comment from Zoom exchange, shared by Aidyn in Weston, WI

A few months ago we explored the topic of “Engineering Kindness” in Ripples #1241. Two of the responses I received included quotes that we are highlighting in today’s “spacious reframe” of kindness.

Emily heard today’s Pebble while listening to Andrew Garfield discuss his mother’s recent death during a podcast interview. Aidyn overheard the Boulder during a Zoom call reflecting on an 11-day global kindness challenge they had just completed. After sharing the comment, Aidyn added, “That feels like such a a spacious reframe of kindness, and it felt fitting to share with you.”

I immediately connected with the original comment, and also Aidyn’s phrase “spacious reframe of kindness.” Several times during the past few months, I’ve caught myself thinking about the reframe. As a result of this pondering, I’ve been noticing how much easier and more fun it is to extend small kindnesses to others when I pivot from trying to evaluate a person and their situation to determine whether they “deserve” my kindness and instead just trust my instincts and assume that anyone I’m having the urge to help is worthy of a little extra kindness.

It turns out that putting goodness out into the world makes it easier to recognize and delight in the bounty of goodness that exists in the world. Talk about a spacious reframe!

P.S. An extra hat tip to Emily, Aidyn, and the many other Ripplers who keep their eyes open for Ripple-worthy inspiration. They help keep the Ripples flowing by remembering to click on the Submit a Quote box (located toward the bottom of each issue of Ripples) whenever they encounter wise words.

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