Ripples #1263: Elevating Our Everydays

Ripples #1263: Elevating Our Everydays
Aug 7, 2023


Daily life may seem trivial and routine, but in fact it contains a multitude of incidents, at once rich, expansive, and touching.
-Yu Hua, China in Ten Words, shared by Sara in Madison, WI


When we view the everyday as an opportunity rather than a drudgery to make it through, we have already succeeded in elevating our everydays, and when such a practice becomes habituated, more extraordinary moments are savored each and every day.
-Shannon Ables, shared by Joan in Albany, NY via Grateful Living


I love good days. So much.

It’s really satisfying when things come together so that I’m in a good mood, accomplishing good work, and a sprinkling of random good stuff happens to add extra zestiness to the day.

Those are good days, indeed.

The thing is, out of the 20,517 days I’ve been alive on this planet so far (yeah, I looked it up) there’s only going to be so many that are *that* good. The rest are going to range from just fine to completely average all the way down to varying levels of poopiness. (watch my recent PepTok for a tip on how to minimize the impact of a poopy day)

If the only days we savor are the really, really good ones…well, we’re just not going to have that many to enjoy. If, however, we practice elevating the everydays, there are a lot more opportunities to notice a lot of good stuff that’s there, just waiting to be savored.

May your week have a good day or two, and may you elevate all the other everydays.

P.S. I’m back from my down time and mostly caught up on all the emails and to-dos and chores that built up over the summer. Thanks for your patience!

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