Ripples #1218: Gorgeous Change


Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous in the end.
-Robin Sharma, shared by Kaitlin in Littleton, CO


No one wants a bumpy flight, but life is turbulence. Grit is the ability to smooth out the curve. Grit is the ability to self apply an automobile suspension to the bumpy off road adventures that make up our days.
-Jack Comte, shared by Amy in Los Angeles, CA


While my actual recent flights out to California and back to fire up new students at Cal Poly were quite smooth (as was my time with them), the last few weeks have seemed like a series of metaphorical “bumpy flights” as we’ve scrambled to quickly change course with our Daily Splashes. (quick background: 10 years ago we started augmenting our weekly Ripples emails with a stream of brief daily posts that eventually came to be known as the Daily Splash, and we found out recently that our current method of posting them will abruptly end in a few days.)

It’s been a challenge to quickly identify an alternative for posting a quote each day that checks all the boxes: efficient (not too time consuming on our end); effective (easy for others to receive), and cost-effective (cheap is good, free is better). And of course this is all happening in the middle of an already hectic schedule!

Like today’s Pebble suggests, this change has definitely been hard and also messy…AND we are excited to reveal the gorgeous solution that we think will work well at least in the short term: you can visit to try it out. While you’re there, be sure to click on “Need a reminder?” to reveal tips like how to add a fun smiley icon to your phone’s home screen.

Even better news: the process reinforced a few tips that have helped me survive previous turbulence. You can hear me unpack them in this brief peptalk video, but here’s the quick summary:
1. Change requires loss, so allow time for grieving.
2. You don’t need to LIKE a particular change in order to GROW through it.
3. Forced change often breeds innovation.

May any changes you’re facing end up being as gorgeous as they are hard and messy, and if you’re enduring bumpy flights right now, may you soon land somewhere calm and delightful.

P.S. Big thanks to my buddy Marc who conceived and created our Daily Splash page, and who is also the tech whiz behind several other ripply endeavors, including The Quote Pond and the Sea of Inquiry. If you’ve ever been part of a presentation where I shuffled the group through a series of table moves, Marc even created the formula for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of my team building systems!

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