Ripples #1179: Challenge of Change


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
-Viktor Frankl, shared by Marzaleen in Coral Springs, FL


Life is dynamic. Change is not just something that we encounter from time to time. It is an ever present part our ongoing experience. Resisting this makes living more difficult. Embracing this makes living less difficult.
-Toby Causby, shared by Toby in Chicago, IL


What a year.

Twelve months ago, I remember being so excited that 2020 was finally ending, and so hopeful that 2021 seemed likely to usher in some fresh changes and exciting new opportunities. Here we are a year later. 2021 is (finally!) drawing to a close and while some good stuff has happened, there’s also been lots (and lots, and lots) of hard stuff. And it turns out we’re about to start yet another year living in the Time of Covidia.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the three questions I frequently return to, especially during times of challenge and change: What is it time to let go of? What will be important to hold on to? What might be useful to look forward to?

As another year of significant challenge and change wraps up, I’m choosing to spend time reflecting on just how difficult 2021 has been for me and for most of us. Part of that process includes jotting down some thoughts and feelings that I want to get out of my system–to release them so they can stay back here in the year that was. I’ll also review memories and learnings that I picked up along the way and plan to take with me into the new year. Finally, I intend to stretch my hope muscles so I can practice imagining some of the exciting possibilities that I intend to co-create in 2022.

Wanna join me?

P.S. The new year is going to bring some exciting new possibilities to unleash ripples of compassion and kindness. I look forward to telling you more. Soon! #UROCK

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