Ripples #1163: Work & Life


Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life.
-John Wooden, shared by Barry in Clearwater, FL


It is the belief—the faith, even—that work is not life’s product, but its currency. What we choose to buy with it is the ultimate project of living.
-Derek Thompson, shared by Emily in Carlow, Ireland


Happy Labor Day to my fellow USians, and Happy Labour Day to our Canadian pals to the north!

I’ll keep this short because this is traditionally one of our least opened issues. Still, it is worth rippling out because we have plenty of readers for whom this is a regular Monday, and so many of you take 60 seconds to read Ripples no matter what is going on your crazy, full life.

This holiday is a little about celebrating work (and the important contributions of the labor movement, and a little about celebrating play since many of us get the day off of work. I’m so fortunate that one of the greatest joys of my life is right at the intersection of both, since part of my job as The Ripples Guy is to spend a few minutes each week playing around in a big ole pile of quotes that you have submitted, seeking a pair that will give us something to ponder for the week.

I hope you’re finding a good mix of work and play at this time in your life. May both be fun, rewarding, and have just the right combination of comfort and challenge.


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