Ripples #1162: Impress Yourself!


Impress yourself. Show yourself that you can grow and get better. It’s never about competing with others. In the end, it’s just you versus YOU.
-Marc & Angel Chernoff, shared by Thomas on Sanibel Island, FL


You know those things that you just need to hear sometimes? Like you’e doing great, and this is tough but you can do it, and you are totally absolutely enough? You’re allowed to say those things to yourself.
-Rebecca Ray, shared by Isaac in Sedona, AZ


It is true that we sometimes need to ask for help from others, a task that is especially hard for those of us who are better at giving assistance than receiving it…and we’ll have more to say about that another time.

For today and for now, I want to focus on the fact that is also true that we sometimes need to ask for help from ourselves. There are plenty of times we have untapped internal resources that can serve us if we just remember to activate them. In order to do this for myself this week, I’m turning inward to get curious about what I can do to keep growing and glowing while this frickity frick pandemic keeps on going and going. Questions I’m pondering:

What messages did I not hear from others back then that I can say to myself today?
Is there a small-ish thing I could give up for a while that might help me travel lighter?
What minor tweaks to my schedule, habits, or mindset might have an ongoing impact on my effectiveness and/or enjoyment?
What helpful habits have I inadvertently extinguished that it is time to reignite?
What actions can I commit to that will likely jolt my happiness, productivity, or both?

Just so I don’t get overwhelmed, my plan is to pick one of these questions each day this week and see what bubbles up. Wanna join me?


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