Ripples #1076: What’s Your Why?

Ripples #1076: What’s Your Why?
Jan 6, 2020


Being purposeful allows you to skip the trivial stuff and stay focused.
-Joe Fullington,
written and shared by Joe in Kenosha, WI


There’s way more security in purpose than there is in a job.
If you’re not finding both joy and meaning in your current work, ask yourself:
Am I purposed to do this job, or am I just good at it?
-Alea Cross,
written and shared by Alea in Milwaukee, WI


I’m determined to make the most of this new year, and I’ve learned from experience that we can get a lot farther along the process of deciding WHAT we want to accomplish, once we determine and declare our WHY.

Author Simon Sinek (Start with Why, Find Your Why) inspired many of us with his 2009 TED talk about why individuals and organizations are more effective once they know and communicate their purpose. He asks, “Why do you get out of bed every morning?” and then pauses before adding, “And why should anyone care?”

A longtime Ripples reader reached out to me to ask for help in finalizing a word to focus on for the year, which caused me to ask my social media peeps, “What’s Your Word?” I was astonished and delighted that dozens of people quickly shared a word, and many sharing more about how helpful the process has been for them.

Whether it is a word, a phrase, a sentence or maybe even an image, I believe it is worth pondering and determining a purpose to help guide you in work and life. It doesn’t have to be a grand, lifelong Purpose with a capital P. Finding something to focus on just for now can make a difference.

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