Ripples #1028: Ripples of Curiosity!

Ripples #1028: Ripples of Curiosity!
Feb 4, 2019


Passion can seem intimidatingly out of reach at times. But curiosity is available to everyone.
-Elizabeth Gilbert, shared by Brett in Madison, WI


Lean into your curiosity about any issue, and there will likely be people to share a little bit more of their knowledge and insight and give you ideas on how to make change.
-Opal Tometi, shared by Dale in Riverton, WY


Curiosity is a pretty nifty quality to cultivate. Here are three reasons why:

Curiosity delays judgment.
Whether we’re having a disagreement with a colleague or deciding whether to continue watching a documentary that popped up on Netflix, curiosity allows us to move past initial snap judgments and dig deeper. It helps us gather more information so that we can take a more informed position.

Curiosity invites growth.
The more open we remain, the more information we are allowed to acquire. This expands our understanding, widens our perspective, and allows us to grapple with the complexities of life. It also allows us to identify holes in our thinking,

Curiosity unleashes creativity.
When you’re feeling stuck and you need some fresh ideas, one of the fastest ways to get unstuck is get curious. Imagine someone you think of as creative magically appearing at your door to assist you, then let yourself wonder, “What might she ask me that could unstick things?” Or maybe you could even get curious about your stuckness, inviting yourself to tweak your thoughts or behavior to see if that might open up some new possibilities.

So lean in to curiosity today, and see if helps.


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