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eRipples v3.49: Ripples of ACTION!
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It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing
because you can only do a little.
Do what you can.
-Sydney Smith, submitted by Jodie


How can you come to know yourself?
Never by thinking;
always by doing.
Try to do your duty,
and you’ll know right away
what you amount to.
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, submitted by Claudia


Last week I mentioned my new presentation on the Archeology of
Passion, and the “formula” for passion that I am experimenting with:

( p + a ) * e2 [purpose and action combined in an enriching environment]

Last week we talked about cultivating PURPOSE….and this week we need
to tackle the second component which is initiating ACTION. While it is
important recognize our purpose (or mission, or quest), that is not enough
In order to truly feel passion, we must propel ourselves forward so that we
can achieve our purpose, tackle our mission, and relentlessly pursue our

I absolutely, double-dog dare you to take some ACTION this week that will
rekindle the passion that rests deep within your soul!


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