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eRipples v3.50: Ripples of ENRICHING ENVIRONMENTS!
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What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork.
-Pearl Bailey, submitted by Nancy


i love my angels full of grace
they bring peace to my small space.
i glance at them
from time to time,
and thank the lord for all that’s mine.

my angels come in all shapes and sizes
sometimes wearing clever disguises.
their hearts are full
they move with haste,
i love my angels full of grace.

they hug me and
accept me for who i am
they love to dance
in any ol’ space,
i love my angels full of grace.

my heart is full
my life is blessed.
i am amazed by all that has come to pass.
and when i look around at my small space,
i see my angels full of grace.
-written and submitted by Bridget Kesner


We are on to the third component of the “formula” for passion that I am
experimenting with:

( p + a ) * e2 [purpose and action combined in an enriching environment]

We have explored cultivating PURPOSE and initiating ACTION. The third
component is developing an ENRICHING ENVIRONMENT that allows our
passion to grow. Sometimes we find ourselves in environments that are
draining us rather than filling us up. Whether it is the people or the
physical space, I encourage you to make some changes this week!
Perhaps you need to spend less time with a friend who is a “whiner,” or
maybe read an article on fung shui to generate some ideas about how to
arrange your office/home to circulate more positive energy. Whatever you
do, DO SOMETHING so you can ignite your passion!

Paul <>

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