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eRipples v3.45: Ripples of HOPE!
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There’s no place like hope. -Kobi Yamada


Those whose hope is weak
settle down for comfort or for violence;
those whose hope is strong
see and cherish all signs of new life
and are ready every moment
to help the birth of that
which is ready to be born.
-Eric Fromm, submitted by Reggie


This week I was honored to be a part of a special event honoring the
support staff for Lutheran Social Services from around Wisconsin (and
Michigan’s U.P.!). As our time together drew to a close, we spent a
few minutes thinking about hope for our future.

One of the casualties of the recent terrorism is Hope. People around
the country and around the world are beginning to settle for a world
in which terrorism is expected and tolerated. Collectively we unite
to “fight evil,” while individually some quietly wonder about
alternatives to violence.

Hope allows us to dream about a world beyond political boundaries,
beyond religious differences, a world where we truly value diversity
over the comfort of “sameness.” I dare you to seek the place in your
heart that holds Hope, and to let it grow!


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