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eRipples v3.44: Ripples of YOUR LIGHT!


A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
-James Keller, submitted by Jodie


The accumulation of small optimistic acts
produces quality in our culture
and in your life.
Our culture resonates
in tense times
to individual acts of grace.
-Jennifer James


I spent this week in Ohio; a few days with a team of 12 veterinarians
who wanted to refine their coaching and presenting skills, and then a
couple of days at Miami University of Ohio to attend the annual
gathering of the Ohio Recreational Sports Association. In a module
on motivating others explored in both groups, we discussed the notion
that many of our management systems are based on catching people who
are do something wrong despite our thorough understanding that
punishment avoidance is not as powerful a motivator as positive

Let’s all commit to spending this week seeking out people who are
doing something RIGHT and rewarding them with a smile, a kind word,
or perhaps even a handwritten note (a rare and valued gift in these
days of emails, voicemail, faxes, etc.).


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