eRipples v3.25: Ripples of BABY STEPS!

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eRipples v3.25: Ripples of BABY STEPS!


Doing your best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
– Oprah Winfrey, submitted by Bee Sena


Plan for gradual improvement, not spectacular leaps.
Practically everything worthwhile in life is achieved in small steps.
Education is accumulated gradually,
babies grow up a day at a time,
beautiful gardens are designed and grown slowly;
talents are honed, relationships are forged,
deep affection is created, all very gradually.

Each of our lives is a series of gradual campaigns in all areas – job,
family, friends –
to make a better life, and few campaigns move quickly.

Nature provides many guidelines here.
A slow and steady stream of water will, in time, erode the hardest rock;
a small, insignificant sprout will, in time, slowly and imperceptibly turn into
a mighty oak;
almost unnoticed, a child will, in time, grow up to be an independent adult.
Recognize the gradualness of life and the power of ‘in time’.”

-David Campbell, Submitted by: Betsy Stone


This week I spent a bit of time with some awesome high school leaders at an inspiring conference called Hugh O’Brien Youth Leadership in Wisconsin. One of the things we touched on was the fact
that every single thing you do builds leadership, so you need to think about every step you take. I think this is true for all of us as we develop our personal leadership skills too!

I dare you to take some baby steps this week to improve your life in a spectacular way!

p.s. Thank you for all of your amazing support this month as we “baby stepped” our way to the new home for eRipples.



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