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eRipples v3.24: Ripples of DREAMS COME TRUE!


If my head can dream it,
and my heart believes it,
then I can achieve it.
-Muhammed Ali, submitted by Michael Cain


When I was studying at UCLA in the early 1960s, I also worked at Disneyland. I
often heard from other employees that during the Anaheim Park construction, all
the construction managers, accountants, consultants, and architects agreed that
there was a specific system and timetable necessary to keep costs under control
and ensure the park was completed on time. To adhere to their system meant that
Sleeping Beauty Castle in Fantasyland, which was to be visible from virtually
any- and everywhere in the park, was to be built last.

When Walt Disney learned of their cost-efficiency scheme, he insisted that the
Castle be built first. He believed the Castle provided a vision for the rest of
the construction, and its image would remind all the workers on a daily basis
what was meant to happen within the park.

Despite his busy schedule, Walt regularly toured the park, offering his hand
and encouragement to individual employees. One day I asked him about the story
(which had become a legend among employees). He asked me to look up toward the
Castle and to tell him what I saw. I said, “Imagination.”

He put his hand on my shoulder and said,
“Now you tell me if that story is true.”
-Rey Carr, submitted by Kim Voisin


Well, we made it into our new home here at The Ripples Project’s website! A
few bumps along the way, but not bad! In addition to the amazing talent of our
web designer, Steve Tesmer ( ), it took some extra
help from the cool people at Global Dialog, my internet service provider, as
well as the many kind words and gobs of patience from about 4,000 eRipples
readers who are now officially members of The Ripples Project!

So, the next step after we open The Ripples Store (in the next few
weeks…watch for it!) is to create more features to help you inspire and
reward small waves of kindness. What would help you do that? Any ideas, let
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