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Monday, April 2, 2001


You don’t get to control any outcome,
 only every choice along the way.
-Stephen C. Paul
Submitter: Judy Ashby


Everything can be taken
from a person but one thing,
the last of the human freedoms:
to choose one’s attitude
in any given set of circumstances,
to choose one’s way.
-Victor Frankl


I have lived a HAPPY FLYING week as I dashed to Reno to hang out with
my good friends from NIRSA (an amazing crew of recreational sports
professionals), and then back across the country to Wheeling, West
Virginia to spend a day with my NEW friends from the West Virginia
School Food Service Association (you remember the lunch ladies from
your grade school days, right?). At both conferences, we talked
about the power of choices. There are so many things that happen to
us that we do not choose.

For each of those “happenings,” however, we DO get to choose how we
respond. And every choice we make affects our destiny. When
something yucky happens, we have choices to make about how we will
respond: we can give up, lash out, pass on our frustration to the
next person unlucky enough to cross our path, OR we can try to find a
meaning or positive purpose, let go of the yuck, and move on.

Give yourself an awesome gift this week: make a choice that serves
your highest purpose!


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