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Monday, March 26, 2001


If it is true that nice people finish last, I would like to think it
is because they stop to look at the scenery.
Author: adapted from unknown source
Submitter: “Ruben Guy”


The world is a fast and furious race.
There are people who stop and slip off to the park
and gaze at the stars and dance in the meadows.
They never win the race-they don’t even try.
The rest of the world thinks they are crazy or childish.
The rest of the world doesn’t know what they’re missing.
Author: Noah Snyder
Submitter: Renate


I am watching the 73rd Academy Awards as I pack for a trip that
begins early tomorrow. I enjoy watching the Oscars for the glamour,
and fun, and of course to see who wins! Dame Julie Andrews and a few
other past Oscar recipients who were not nominated for any awards
this year commented on how much more fun the event is without the
pressure of being nominated. It has me wondering if we spend too
much of our lives racing around trying to win or at least make it to
the finish line ahead of the pack. Maybe we need more time in the

I nominate you to do something FUN this week while you take a break
from the race!


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