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version 3.10: Ripples of RESULTS!
Monday, March 5, 2001


Sometimes you just have to take the leap,
and build your wings on the way down.
-Kobi Yamada, submitted by Bethany Kopp


Worry is the misuse
of the imagination.
When you have
done your best
await the results
in peace.
– Audrey Woodball, submitted by Misty L. Smith


This week found me spending some time with several friends facing
challenges. One is wrapping up a job search, another is dealing with
the end of a long term relationship, and two others are dealing with
big work-related headaches. All four have done an outstanding job
of finding both inner strength and external support, and I think they
have all made very smart choices. The only thing left is to enjoy
the flight, and await results! This issue of ripples goes out to
everyone who is taking a leap this week….GO FOR IT!


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