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Monday, February 19, 2001


No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
-Aesop, submitted by Stephanie Spaeth


The teacher asked her pupils to tell the meaning of loving kindness.
A little boy jumped up and said, “Well, if I was hungry and someone
gave me a piece of bread that would be kindness; but if they put jelly on it
that would be loving kindness!
-original source unknown, submitted by Larissa Melton


This weekend I had the opportunity to hang out with some emerging
leaders at Nebraska Wesleyan Univresity, and we discussed the
importance of smiles. For most of us, the natural look on our face
is perceived by others as serious, troubling, or even sad. This may
be true for you if people frequently ask, “Is everything okay?” or
“Are you upset?” when they pass you in the hallway. In my many
airport adventures, I am astonished at how serious and troubled every
one looks!

As I flew home to Wisconsin, I was determined to smile as much as
possible on my layover journey between concourses (which are always
planned by airlines to maximize the opportunity for exercise!). Most
people didn’t even make eye contact, and when they did it was just a
brief glance and then a return to their own hurried journey. At one
point, however, as I travelled along a moving sidewalk with my bags
resting on the platform, my eyes connected with a woman who was
moving in the opposite direction. As I smiled and nodded at her, the
most amazing thing happened: she smiled back! Not a quick forced
grimace, nor was it a big, creepy smile that would surely have
frightened me. Instead, a wide, genuine grin spread across her face
and for a brief instant it was as though two old friends had
reconnected. In a flash the moment had passed, but for the rest of
the trip I felt all warm inside. I felt important, I felt
acknowledged, I felt connected.

So, do me a favor and change the world this week by putting jelly on
your face: smile!


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