eRipples v2.39: Ripples of CHANGE

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version 2.39 [Monday, September 25, 2000]


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
-Mahatma Gandhi, submitted by Bev Petska


Change means movement,
movement means friction,
friction means heat, and
heat means controversy.
-Saul Alinsky, submitted by Karen Hilberg


Change happens. Yup, it is ironically the single CONSTANT that we
can rely on in our evolving world. And with all the good stuff that
comes from change, many of us still cling white-knuckled to “BUT WE
HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT THIS WAY!” And while there are many reasons for
our resistance, the most common seems to be “What if it doesn’t turn
out like we want?” Well, I have a better question for you to ponder
this week:

WHAT IF IT DOES? What if you head into the big change you’re about
to undertake with the possibility that it might be just what the
universe ordered for you. It is going to shake your world and on the
other side of the change is vast improvement, better understanding,
and the extraordinary feeling that you SURVIVED the change!

Go for it, go dive into your change, and notice that mother nature is
joining you with the changing colors!

Peace to you,

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