eRipples v2.38: Ripples of PLAYFULNESS

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version 2.38 [Monday, September 18, 2000]


When the situation is desperate, it is too late to be serious.
Try playfulness.
-Edward Abbey, Leslie Stephany


Playfulness is a kind of mood or attitude that you bring to your daily life.
It’s a predisposition to be spontaneous, and have fun at whatever you’re
doing. When you’re playful, you find your attention being more fully engaged in
what you’re doing. You’re better able to “be here now.”

A playful attitude infuses you with a sense of joy and positive emotions.
It creates a frame of mind in which you naturally and automatically find
more funny things going on around you.
I am convinced that cultivating your sense of playfulness is the key to
learning to lighten up in the midst of stress.
-Paul McGhee, submitted by Justine R. Hollingshead


Well, I made it to the end of the early fall “crunchtime” which included
adventures on both coasts and over a dozen spots in between. I have an
empty calendar for the next three weeks, and I am going to follow these
Ripples and fill each day with PLAYFULNESS!

Long walks, spontaneous lunches, catching up on movies, and nap time everyday!

I hope you’ll build in your own recess this week. You deserve it!

Peace to you,

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