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version 2.28 [Monday, July 10, 2000]


Fear less, hope more,
Eat less, chew more,
Whine less, breathe more,
Hate less, love more,
And all good things are yours.
-Swedish proverb, submitted by patty crowley

–A True Story by an eRipples Subscriber

At least once a year, I try to go through my children’s toys and sort out
what they have outgrown or no longer play with. I prefer to do this while
they are not around, but that was not to be the case this time. As I sat on
his bedroom floor in a pile of toys, my four year old, Brandon, walked into
his room and politely asked what I was doing with HIS toys. I explained to
him that there are some kids in the world that don’t have any toys at all.
He was horrified. With amazing maturity for his 4 years, Brandon helped me
pack up the toys and cart them away to a donation site.

I was so proud of him that I decided to take him to the store and get him a
special toy. As we were walking down the aisles, Brandon got this
thoughtful look on his face and preceded to tell me that all kids should
have NEW toys too. So, instead of bringing home the water slide that he had
been asking for since February, we returned to the donation site and he
lovingly placed it in the drop off box.

Although Brandon didn’t understand why I had tears in my eyes as we drove
home, I was deeply touched by a little boy who truly understands what it is to give.
-written and submitted by Kim Clist


Sometimes less is more. Ponder it. Act on it. Live it.


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