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version 2.27 [Monday, July 3, 2000]


Get it into your head. Everyone who crosses our path has a message for us.
Otherwise they would have taken another path, or left earlier or later.
-original source: James Redfield

–A True Story by an eRipples Subscriber

Last week I lost a very dear friend.

My elderly neighbor passed away while I accompanied him on his way to the
ICU after a heart attack. The next day while watching the movie “Till There
was You,” a particular scene caught my attention: a male was explaining to
his date that he is selfish. One way that he chose to explain his
selfishness was by saying that he doesn’t know his neighbors. He claimed
that his time was too precious to spend even a few minutes a day chatting
with a neighbor.

Many of my own friends could not understand why I planned to attend my
neighbor’s funeral. I was amazed to find that so many people live in a
bubble. I cannot imagine living right next door to a person and not even
knowing their name! Why deprive yourself of a beautiful friendship and a
chance to see the world through another persons eyes?

I hope others take the time to reach out to their neighbors and others.
Even a kind gesture to someone in passing will enlighten at least two lives.
-written and submitted by Allison Hunter


As we celebrate our independence this week, I am reminded that there is
something even better than independence: INTERDEPENDENCE is maintaining
our independence while recognizing that we are still dependent upon others.

Even as our country stands in good economic times (for most) and a
superpower on the planet, we remain seriously affected by the oil
production in other countries as well as the incredible amount of goods and
services we buy and sell outside our borders.

As individuals, we need to celebrate our own independence while pondering
the people in our lives who have helped us along the way!

Happy 4th of July!


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