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version 2.26 [Monday, June 26, 2000]


I never did a day’s work in my life.
It was all fun.
-Thomas Edison, submitted by Karyn Sneath


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Another week of travels found me hanging out for a few days at the
Wisconsin 4H & Youth Leadership Conference and then bipping down to help
kick off a high school leadership summit hosted by University of Central
Florida. Both events were extremely successful by combining a healthy dose
of educational opportunities with ample amounts of FUN! It isn’t the same
as having recess in between the lectures…….the truth is that we learn
some of our most valuable lessons while we are on the playground!

I continued MY education this week by spending a few extra days in Florida
having some fun of my own: I played among the dolphins along the
intercoastal waterway and experienced a magnificent performance of Cirque
de Soleil. The dolphins reminded me of the pure joy in simply splashing
around in the water. Watching hundreds of people ranging from around the
world squeal with delight at the phenomenal music, athletic prowess and
incredible artistry of the Cirque de Soleil performers reinforced the
notion that sharing common joys is much more powerful than all the
differences we have.

I recommend that everyone pursue an advanced degree in FUN this week!


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