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Live like an oak tree with a mosquito’s life span.
-original source: written on the menu at the Cateye Cafe in Bozeman, Montana


I arrived Saturday for my first trip to the awesome state of Montana where
I am giving some presentations at Montana State University in Bozeman this
week. I was still in awe at the huge mountains and the gigantic size of
this state when I walked in to the visitors’ center and discovered how
small the world really is.

The helpful man behind the counter turned out to be a long-time eRipples

In addition to helping me find some great spots to eat and outlining some
sightseeing options, he reminded me that no matter how large the world
seems, there is always a friend out there waiting to help you in some
meaningful way.

Keep your eyes open this week! At some point on this big planet you are
going to find yourself in a strange situation when a friend will suddenly
appear to help you out. You may not recognize the person at first (you may
know her/him from a long, long, long time ago), but the assistance will
still be valuable–and it will remind you how small this place is after all!

I’m sending peace to you,


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