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When you speak a word, you are planting it.
Whether you speak words of life, love, peace, joy and blessings,
or words of profanity and cursing, you will reap what you sow.
-original source: Alfonzo King Surrett, Jr., submitted by Linda deVeer


Did is a word of achievement,
Won’t is a word of retreat,

Might is a word of bereavement,
Can’t is a word of defeat,

Ought is a word of duty,
Try is word of each hour,

Will is a word of beauty,
Can is a word of power.
-original source unknown, submitted by Natasha Sorias


“Keep Using My Name in Vain And I’ll Make Rush Hour Longer” – God

For a list of humorous billboards from God, see “The.God.Billboards” at:


What words have you been holding back? Is there is someone in your life
that needs to hear some praise (or criticism)? Perhaps this week you
should take some time to communicate those words.

And while you are at it, if there are some words YOU need to hear…
do not have to wait for someone ELSE to say them. Write yourself a card or
send yourself an email and say what YOU need to hear!

Peace to you,


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