Ripples #854: Soul Smiles!

Ripples #854: Soul Smiles!
Oct 5, 2015


Feeling passionate about something is like getting a peek at your soul smiling back at you.
-Amanda Medinger, shared by Thomas in Fort Myers, FL


It is up to us to find the joy that dissolves the desperate moment, that changes the burden of life to the passion. Find the gift that brings that joy in your life and nurture it and guard it and grow it. And when you can, find the gift in others and urge them toward it.
-David Smith, shared by Debbie in Vista, CA


We’ve explored the topic of passion a few times over the years, but I was re-inspired by these recent quote submissions AND because my buddies at Rowan University recently asked me to refresh one of my favorite presentations, “The Archeology of Passion: Excavating Your Enthusiasm for Work & Life.”

I describe passion as creating consistent action toward a well-defined purpose while in an enriching environment. I believe that most people have deep reserves of passion that can either remain hidden without the proper inspiration and/or get buried under years of frustration and setbacks. The key is to identify activities that engage you most deeply and then determine what direction/purpose these activities may be suggesting for you. It can also be worthwhile to experiment with the frequency and consistency that you spend on these activities to see if it might help fuel your enthusiasm.

If the people you spend time with tend to drain you rather than nourish you, it might be useful to spend a few more minutes with those people you’ve already identified as energy-infusers AND try making some new connections to see if that might bring some fresh energy to your school, work, and/or life. I also like to remind people that you don’t have to completely eliminate those people who you find draining, because in some cases you either don’t have a choice about having them in your life OR there remains some positive aspects to the connection. Instead of dumping them, try just reducing the number of minutes you’re exposed to their toxicity.

Whether you’re just exploring your passions or attempting to excavate them, I hope you embrace any opportunities you encounter that might help you unleash your enthusiasm. The world needs your energy and I’m sure of it because, well: you’re here!

The Ripples Guy
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