Ripples #812: Aliveness!

Ripples #812: Aliveness!


Live so fully and so brilliantly
that your pain diminishes
in your aliveness.
―Bryant McGill


There is a joy in the actual taste of vanilla ice cream that does not come from knowing the chemical formula of vanilla. There is a joy, an inherent aliveness in the body that you can experience if you pay attention to your body. But if you live up in your head, in your words all the time, you don’t notice it.
-Charles Tart


I hope that you will make time to taste your aliveness today.
And I hope it tastes as good as ice cream.

Even if you’re in pain or facing significant challenges it is still absolutely true that you are alive, and absolutely essential that you recognize and relish this truth.

Please, PLEASE, dear friend, remember this: if you delay your taste of aliveness until all of your hurts have healed and all of your troubles are resolved … well, the ice cream may have melted.

The Ripples Guy

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