Ripples #694: Do You Matter?

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Ripples #694: Do You Matter?
For our tribe of 31,477 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.

We must hold in our minds
these utterly contradictory thoughts:
not one of us matters at all;
each of us is infinitely precious.
-Jane Emily Bowers

Accepting that the world
can do quite fine without us
allows us to put down the burden
of being corrective heroes
and simply concentrate on
absorbing the journey
of being alive.
-Mark Nepo, submitted by Nick in New Jersey

Sometimes we underestimate how important we are to others.
Sometimes we overestimate how important we are to others.

A wise middle ground might be to humbly acknowledge the possibility that we are much MORE important than our least confident selves recognize, and we are much LESS important than our over-confident egos occasionally presume.

I believe we have far more capacity to MAKE someone’s day than to RUIN it: smiles, kind words, and/or warm gestures are needed by most everyone we encounter. Let’s march out into our crazy week with the determination to leverage that capacity to positively influence and worry less about the potential downsides. Are you in?

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Ripples v10.03: Dr. King!

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Ripples v10.03: Dr. King!
Jan 21, 2008: a free weekly splash to 17,921 subscribers
from Paul & The Ripples Project

____________________PEBBLE ____________________

We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., submitted by Judy A., Carbondale IL.

____________________BOULDER ____________________

Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve.
You don’t have to have a college degree to serve.
You don’t have to make your subject and verb agree to serve.
You don’t have to know about Aristotle and Plato to serve …
You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., submitted by Allison T., San Luis Obispo CA

____________________PONDER ____________________

Some of us have the day off as the U.S. celebrates Martin Luther King day, and I hope EVERYONE can take a few minutes to notice how many great things are happening, in part because Dr. King’s words and actions are still echoing throughout our society.

We are not where we should be in terms of nurturing a diverse society AND we are so much farther along because of powerful voices like Dr. King’s.

Celebrate this important day by speaking up for someone else and/or listening carefully to someone who is doing the same!

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eRipples v4.20: Ripples of ENOUGH!

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=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PEBBLE =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

The secret to having it all is believing that you do.
-original source unknown, submitted by Sharman <sbushing@unlnotes.unl.edu>

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= BOULDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o

The happiest people
don’t necessarily
the best
of everything,
they just
the best
of everything.
-original source unknown, submitted by Sarah <sarahstobbe@yahoo.com>

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PONDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

I spent a few days last week in Indiana on the campus of IUPUI. In a
few of my presentations, we discussed that despite living in a
country with only 1% of the world’s population and 98% of the world’s
wealth, many of us still feel like we don’t have ENOUGH! I believe
this feeling evolves from our pattern of spending beyond what we
make. The average American spends 10% beyond their income: someone
with $10,000 annual income spends like they make $11,000, and someone
at the $100,000 level spends as though they earn $110,000. That
means pay raises and job promotions usually don’t bring satisfaction,
they bring more longing and even more debt!

If you’re caught up in this cycle, I dare you to press STOP and
change your habits to create a budget as though you make 10% LESS
than what you do. The sense of having extra at the end of the month
creates a feeling of WEALTH even if you make less money than Bill

p.s. Next week I’ll be sharing details from my commencement speech &
how you can easily peek at the over 330 responses I received from
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eRipples v2.25: Ripples of IMPERFECTION

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eRipples: a FREE weekly splash of inspiration
version 2.25 [Monday, June 19, 2000]

PEBBLE ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Learn from the mistakes of others.
You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.
original source unknown, submitted by Maureen Colburn

BOULDER ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

We are all imperfect.

What we need to achieve is the courage to accept imperfection. This is
one of the most encouraging concepts, and yet one of the hardest to achieve
in our society. There isn’t a perfect human being in the world, yet
everyone is demanding it of themselves and others. We set ourselves up for
disappointment and frustrations because of this impossible ideal of
perfection. Improvement, yes. Perfection, no.

In our society we are taught to be ashamed of mistakes. We should instead
learn to be excited about mistakes as opportunities to learn. It is much
easier to recognize and take responsibility for a mistake when it is seen
as a learning opportunity rather than something bad. If we see mistakes as
bad we tend to feel inadequate and discouraged and to become defensive,
evasive, judgmental, and critical. On the other hand, when mistakes are
seen as opportunities to learn, recognizing them will be seem like an
exciting venture. “What can I learn from this mistake”.
-submitted by: Margaret Sweeney, original source:
one of Margaret’s co-workers

PONDER ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

In addition to spending three days with an awesome group of adult educators
in Bozeman, Montana, I also spent a couple of days this week with a very
fun bunch of school administrators from Racine, Wisconsin. Both groups
spent a bit of time discussing role models, and upon my return home from
the hectic week I plopped down in front of the TV and clicked upon a
documentary about one of my role models, John Denver. It was exciting to
learn about his path from the son of an Air Force pilot to a hit singer.
It was also quite disturbing to hear about his shadow side and I went to
bed thoroughly frustrated with his actions toward his wife and children as
well as the inconsistencies between his idealized songs and his imperfect

I woke up the next morning remembering a definition that I had shared both
in Bozeman and Racine: a role model is somone who has SOMETHING you
admire, not necessarily EVERYTHING! I suppose it would be grand to believe
in these flawless heros who have affected our society. The danger is that
those pedestals make them seem so much removed from us “regular” folks.
Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Eleanor
Roosevelt all had something in common besides being heroes of mine. They
were HUMAN! They made errors of judgment at times and that does not have
to detract from their incredible achievements!

Spend some time this week being more patient with your imperfection. You
are in good company!

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