Ripples #642: Retaining Hope.

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Ripples #642: Retaining Hope.
For our tribe of 28,682 busy people who share encouragement and gratitude.
Sep 12, 2011

Hope never abandons you,
you abandon it.
-George Weinberg, submitted by Marion K. in Massachusetts

My friends, love is better than anger.
Hope is better than fear.
Optimism is better than despair.
So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic.
And we’ll change the world.
-Jack Layton (1950-2011), submitted by Rhiannon in Ontario, Canada

Ten years later, have you enlarged your capacity for hope? Are you able to
dream about an improved future for yourself and the world?

I believe that these difficult times can either cause a drain of optimism
or a deluge of hope. We must not allow destructive forces to diminish our
possibilities, because our future improves each time we act on our instinct
that things can get better.

And don’t wait for someone else. We need YOU to be on the front lines of
regaining and retaining hope.

p.s. If you’d like to receive a collection of other quotes about HOPE that
we’ve used in Ripples over the years, send a blank email to:
HOPE [at] UnleashRipples.com (replace [at] with @)… Read More!

Ripples #565: Plus & Minus!

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Ripples #565: Plus & Minus!
Monday, Mar 22, 2010
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 25,020
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities

Life is made up of pluses and minuses.
The pluses give us hope and the minuses give us strength.
-source unknown, submitted by Roger C.

You don’t know how it tastes until you try.
You don’t know how to laugh until you cry.
You don’t know where you’ve been
until you’re homeward bound, and
you don’t know what you lost until it’s found.
-song from “Fraggle Rock,” submitted by Nikki B., Cranston RI

I wish you for you lots of pluses this week.
I don’t wish for you any minuses,
but I do hope you will grow stronger from the minuses that inevitably


p.s. Eleven years ago, The Ripples Project evolved out of the idea that
there is huge potential in small acts. I’m proud and humbled to announce
that as of last week we achieved the milestone of having 25,000 active
subscribers. We have had a few stumbles and challenges along the way (those
would be the minuses), and I’m so honored to travel this journey with so
many longtime and brand new friends. You are the pluses, in a most profound
and ripply way!… Read More!

Ripples #556: Dr. King!

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Ripples #556: Dr. King!
Monday, Jan 18, 2010
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 23,950
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities

We must accept finite dissapointment,
but we must never lose infinite hope.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., submitted by Samantha Z., Oklahoma

I believe that unarmed truth
and unconditional love
will have the final word in reality.
That is why right, temporarily defeated,
is stronger than evil triumphant.
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each year in the U.S.A. we set aside the third Monday in January to honor
the magnificent Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who believed passionately in the
powerful and unending ripples of peace and justice. He was a primary
influence in the creation of this newsletter.

I ask Ripplers everywhere to honor Dr. King by donating $10 to a charity
already on the ground in Haiti [http://CharityWatch.org has compiled an
excellent list] and another $10 to a local charity that might be receiving
fewer donations because of the economy and/or the recent focus on Haiti. If
you are comfortable, share which organizations you donated to on our
facebook wall:


I know that for some Ripples $20 is a substantial sum of money; I suspect
you know that $10 can make a real difference in a country as poor as Haiti,
and $10 to a local charity will help them know they are not forgotten in
these difficult times. It takes only a moment, so please do what you can!

p.s. If you would like a remarkable list of Dr. King quotes from the past
12 years of Ripples, please send a blank email to the following address:
MLK [at] TheRipplesGuy.com and please note you will need to replace [at]with @.… Read More!

Ripples v11.10: Hope for Treasure!

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Ripples v11.10: Hope for Treasure!
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 22,048
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities
1999-2009: 10 years of Ripples!

Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure.
-Rumi, submitted by Karen L., Cincinnati OH

To be hopeful in bad times
is not just foolishly romantic.
It is based on the fact that
human history is a history not only of cruelty,
but also of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness…
-Howard Zinn, submitted by Leslie S., Madison WI


Like courage or optimism, hope is something that is most useful when it is the hardest to muster—at our darkest moments. Its easy for us to be hopeful when things are going well. We are often awash in hope then, but we don’t really need it. I think this is why real hope isn’t easy. Hope can be scary, it can be fleeting, it can be challenging. Which also makes hope so valuable.

So have hope!

In some ways, hope is a skill that can improve with practice. One tip: practice taking the long view. In an era of instant messaging, monthly IRA statements, and quarterly earning reports, it is easy to get caught up in measuring success by the day, or the week, or the quarter. Our problems may be serious. They may not improve this year. If we take the long view, however, we can more easily find hope that change will come.

Do what you can this week to seek hope and savor hope.

p.s. Thanks to my best friend Ron who helped me write this week’s ponder. He didn’t ask for attribution, but I know he wouldn’t want me plagiarizing either.… Read More!

Ripples v11.03: Dr. King!

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Ripples v11.03: Dr. King!
The Ripples Project is a tribe of 21,691
who believe tiny actions create big possibilities
1999-2009: Happy MLK Day!

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., Sarah B., Burlington WI

Without faith
we are orphans
cast into the terrifying
immensities of space
in a universe that is without
purpose or intelligence.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., submitted by Florence W., St. Louis, Mo

Dear Dr. King,
Happy MLK Day to you!
In the forty years since your too early departure, many people have worked creatively and tirelessly to ensure your dream is not deferred or denied. We still have a ways to go, of course (you know how long these journeys take); still, this week our country achieves a most remarkable step when we become the first “majority white” country with a non-white head of state in world history. Ever! We are celebrating with a nationwide day of service to honor you and the many others who have helped us recognize, resist, and resolve injustice.

Even as we face significant challenges, I believe there is a renewed confidence in the possibilities of our country and indeed our planet. We’ll keep your Dream in our hearts as we strengthen our faith in ourselves, each other, and a higher power that seems certain to exist.

With a humble heart, I extend to you and everyone: Peace!

p.s. Everyone can participate in today’s Day of Service, even if it means keeping your eye out for a tiny act of generosity to a stranger or acquaintance.… Read More!

Ripples v10.22: Anticipation!

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Ripples v10.22: Anticipation!
June 2, 2008: a free weekly splash to 19,432 subscribers
from Paul & The Ripples Project

__PEBBLE _________________________________

Anxiety touched by hope becomes anticipation.
-Jeanie Daniel Duck, submitted by Christopher T., Canton MI

__BOULDER _________________________________

“Well,” said Pooh, “What I like best–“
and then he had to stop and think,
because although Eating Honey was a very good thing to do,
there was a moment just before you began to eat it
which was better than when you were,
but he didn’t know what it was called.
-A.A. Milne, submitted by Kathy L., Mendota Heights MN

__PONDER _________________________________

I’m preparing this issue of Ripples early because I have a crazy fun
weekend ahead of me that is filling me with ANTICIPATION! I am
flying into San Luis Obispo, CA where I get to connect with a
childhood friend that I have not seen in over 20 years AND I get to
go hiking with some of my Cal Poly buddies who can best be described
with this word/acronym: WOW!

I have spent the past few weeks anticipating the reunion-bonding and
the hiking-bonding and while I am sure I will enjoy both, I know just
what Pooh means about that “moment just before.” Anticipation is
basically “pre-savoring” and the enthusiasm I have put into planning
and pondering my upcoming weekend is just as delicious as the Honey
itself–(of course I won’t know that for sure until next week!).

Do you have something awesome, something grand, something delicious
coming up soon? Spend a few moments right now anticipating how sweet
it will be!

Paul… Read More!

Ripples v10.13: Melting Limits!

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Ripples v10.13: Melting Limits!
Mar 31, 2008: a free weekly splash to 18,234 subscribers
from Paul & The Ripples Project

____________________PEBBLE ____________________

The limits of the mind are often mistaken to be the limits of the world.
-Immanuel Kant, submitted by Amy S., New Berlin WI

____________________BOULDER ____________________

Sometimes things don’t go, after all,
from bad to worse.
Some years, muscadel faces down frost;
green thrives; the crops don’t fail.
Sometimes a man aims high, and all goes well.
A people sometimes will step back from war,
elect an honest man, decide they care enough,
that they can’t leave some stranger poor.

Some men become what they were born for.
Sometimes our best intentions do not go amiss;
sometimes we do as we meant to.
The sun will sometimes melt
a field of sorrow
that seemed hard frozen;
may it happen for you.
-Sheenagh Pugh, submitted by Andrea P., St. Paul MN

____________________PONDER ____________________

If you (or someone you know) feels discouraged lately, facing another set back or discovering yet another obstacle, you know it can be tempting to just sigh and give up. And sometimes it is challenging to remain optimistic when more bad news arrives (even motivational speakers sometimes want to punch a wall or curl up in a ball and ignore the sunshine!).

The quotes above remind us that there is hope and that while things may get yucky at times, there are other times when good things happen, when the RIGHT thing happens, when the BEST thing happens!

Maybe you can practice being just a little more optimist this week, or just today, or heck for even five minutes. It might help you, it might help those around you; it might even change the world.


Paul… Read More!

Ripples v8.25: HOPEFUL Ripples!

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Ripples v8.25: HOPEFUL Ripples!
6/19/06: a FREE splash from Paul & The Ripples Project

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PEBBLE =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts,
liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.
-Andrew Carnegie, submitted by Lora K.

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= BOULDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Hope is a garden of seeds sown with tears,
Planted with love amidst present fears.

Hope is a rainbow of butterfly wings,
Gently it beckons, lightly it sings.

Hope is a present of future each day,
A voice from our heart to show us the way.

Hope is not passive, it is real and alive,
Hope is a strength to guide choices made wise.

Yes, hope is a garden grown from love and from tears,
And hope which is nurtured survives throughout years.
-Mattie T. J. Stepanek, submitted by Mary G., Brookings SD

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PONDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

My HOPE for you this week: that you receive this issue of Ripples!

Many of you have not received Ripples for several weeks, and most of our recent subscribers have not yet received their first issue. I humbly apologize for this and I am hoping those challenges are behind us. The folks that make the software we use to send out Ripples along with the good people that host our website have spent an ENORMOUS amount of time in the past few weeks trying to identify and solve myriad problems. I HOPE we have them largely resolved and that issue makes its way to all 14,000+ members by Monday morning!

Whether you have enjoyed receiving Ripples for a few weeks or many years (or somewhere in between), I would tremendously appreciate your assistance in thanking these two companies who both provide quality services at reasonable rates. Wouldn’t it be Ripply to shower a few hundred postcards on both of these companies from members all over the U.S. (you global Ripplers don’t need to spend extra postage on this effort!!)? If at all possible, please take a moment from your day to scribble a postcard saying “Thank you for helping us with Ripples & The Ripples Project!” and put your first name and where you live and depending upon which side of the Mississippi you live, send it to:

EAST of Mississippi: Active Campaign, 75 E. Wacker Drive # 820, Chicago, IL 60601 (web: http://ActiveCampaign.com )
WEST of Mississippi: Global Servers, 1253 N. Research Way Suite Q-2500 , Orem, UT 84097 (web: http://GlobalServers.com )

Technical Support staffs put up with lots and lots of nagging and whining and complaining and very rarely hear THANK YOU. Thousands of you will THINK about doing this, and I am counting on many of you to TAKE ACTION!

Thank you so much for taking a minute to follow through, and I hope we can create some unique ripples!

Paul… Read More!

Ripples v7.39: Ripples of PERSEVERANCE!

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Ripples v7.39: Ripples of PERSEVERANCE!
October 17, 2005
a FREE weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PEBBLE =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Perseverance is not a long race;
it is many short races one after another.
-Walter Elliott, submitted by Noel R., Milwaukee WI

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= BOULDERS =o=o=o=o=o=o=o

If I were asked to give what I consider the single most
useful bit of advice for all humanity, it would be this:
Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life, and when it comes,
hold your head high, look it squarely in the eye and say,
“I will be bigger than you. You can not defeat me.”
Then repeat to yourself the most comforting of all words,
“This too shall pass.”
-Ann Landers, submitted by Mike D., New Berlin WI

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PONDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

I am not giving up my goal just yet! A few weeks back we began a quest to increase the number of Ripples we can make by increasing the number of subscribers to Ripples. The first week we signed on 200 new subscribers which is 10 times more than a typical week and yet still a small number when you consider that 13,000+ subscribers are on the list. The last few weeks have seen only a few dozen new subscribers. Of course, we welcome every one of you! I still think we have the potential for a big SURGE in membership when everyone who has not yet invited a few colleagues and friends takes a moment to ripple Ripples.

So here is an alternate way to invite your friends. Send them this link with a short message that says, “I have been receiving Ripples for X months/years and I love them. You should join too because it is FREE and it is FUN! (and because Paul is very good about protecting our addresses from unwanted emails.)”

Oh, and don’t forget this week’s theme of perseverance. Take a moment right now to think of the biggest challenge you’re facing and remember that YOU CAN HANDLE THIS! It may be tough, it may be unpleasant, it may be exhausting, but you CAN handle it!

Paul… Read More!

Ripples v6.33: Ripples of CONTAGIOUS COURAGE!

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Paul’s FREE Weekly Splash of Inspiration for 11,000+

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PEBBLE =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Courage is contagious. When a brave [person] takes a stand,
the spines of others are stiffened.
-Billy Graham, submitted by Pat J.

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= BOULDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Hope has two beautiful daughters.
Their names are anger and courage;
anger at the way things are, and
courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
-Augustine of Hippo, submitted by Tina H.

=o=o=o=o=o=o=o= PONDER =o=o=o=o=o=o=o=o

Oh, I hope you can dig deep this week and find some courage
to tackle a task or a dream or a conflict or a goal or SOMETHING
that is seeking help from your soul! Just remember that over 11,000
people are reading this and if each of us initiates a ripple
of courage, we will surely create a tidal wave of hope that could
carry us all right where we want to go!

Paul… Read More!

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