Ripples v9.48: Worth It!

Ripples v9.48: Worth It!
11/26/07: a free weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times,
it’s the only time we’ve got.
-Art Buchwald, submitted by Tracy D., Billings MT


Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets
So love the people who treat you right,
forget the ones who don’t,
and believe that everything
happens for a reason.
If you get a change, take it;
If it changes your life, let it,
Nobody said it would be easy,
They just said it would be worth it.
-source unknown, submitted by Zoe C, Minnesota


Stuff happens. Sometimes the stuff that happens is GOOD and sometimes the stuff that happens is BAD. I wish that life seemed fair and that only good things would happen to good people and bad things would only happen to bad people. But wait a minute…I know how much I have learned from the bad stuff I have experienced in life. I would not wish my bad stuff on anyone else, but I also would not trade in the compassion and wisdom that grew out of facing adversity. I am who I am, partly because of many blessings I have received and partly because of the yucky stuff.

Maybe you could spend a few minutes this week making a list of the positive events and people that helped to create your “best of times” so that the next time you are going through the “worst of times” you can review your list and recall many good reasons to hang in there.

Remember, you are WORTH IT!



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