Ripples v9.25: Persistence!

Ripples v9.25: Persistence!
6/18/07: a free weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project



Energy and persistence conquer all things.
-Ben Franklin, submitted by Sarah B., Selma NC

Paralyze resistance with persistence.
-source unknown, submitted by Andy F., Erie PA


Virtually nothing comes out right the first time.
Failures, repeated failures,
are finger posts on the road to achievement.
The only time you don’t want to fail
is the last time you try something…
One fails forward toward success.
-Charles F. Kettering, submitted anonymously


I have had two weeks of fantastic adventures: visiting a summer camp I attended as a camper and counselor (many moons ago!) to help out with staff training; heading east to again help my friends at Plymouth State University prepare new students and their parents for the transition to college life (and seeing my friend Maura in Vermont!); and ending my crazy travels with a return home to help kick off the 2007 Wisconsin Leadership Seminar which is ALWAYS a blast.

In talking with camp counselors, new students and high school leaders, I found myself encouraging ALL of them to remember that school, work, and life include many challenges and that PERSISTENCE is an essential component for success. We do not like it when things do not go as we hoped or planned, and it can certainly be tempting to just throw up our hands in frustration and walk away.

WAIT! Don’t give up just yet! Whatever project you’re working on this week that is taking more time and energy than you would like, I wonder if you could muster enough energy to stand up, brush yourself off, and jump back in with the knowledge that just a little PERSISTENCE can go along way in moving things forward.


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