Ripples v9.15: Chaos & Dancing Stars!

Ripples v9.15: Chaos & Dancing Stars!
4/9/07: a free weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


You need chaos in your soul
to give birth to a dancing star.
-Fredrich Nietzsche, submitted by Barbara B., Bellevue WA


If we look at the things in our lives
that were the most trying,
the most painful and frustrating,
we have to admit that
there was value in it.
If you can’t see this,
you probably aren’t seeing it
from a distant enough perspective.
-source unknown, submitted by Mia C., Greensboro NC


Some days are easier than others, and some weeks seem to provide more CHAOS than the easy-breezy fun times. If you have recently faced some challenges large or small, I hope there is a DANCING STAR shining down for you soon!


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