Ripples v9.11: Eggs & Ham!

Ripples v9.11: Eggs & Ham!
3/12/07: a free splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


The power of commitment is wondrous
and can transcend all other forces.
-Shihan Tak Kubota, submitted by Marc L., Madison WI


The difference between involvement and commitment
is like eggs and ham for breakfast;
the chicken was involved,
the pig was committed.
-source unknown, submitted by Julie S., Greendale WI


What projects are you involved with right now that could benefit from a 100% commitment? Is there a relationship or a class or a committee or recent life change that you’re putting time into, but not really investing your heart and soul in?

You might need to get “uninvolved” with a few other things that are on your plate in order to have the time, energy, and passion to commit more fully; perhaps you will get motivated if you take some time right now to imagine the possibilities if you unleash a laser focus of commitment on one thing.

On the other hand, if you consider this and decide you do not WANT or NEED a full commitment, it is perfectly acceptable to continue your current level of commitment while recognizing that you only get out what you put in.

For each item on your plate, ask yourself “Should I be a chicken, or should I be a pig?”

Have a good breakfast, and have a good week!


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