Ripples v8.45: Ripples of VOTING!

Ripples v8.45: Ripples of VOTING!
11/6/06: a FREE splash from Paul & The Ripples Project
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You do not have to be superhuman
to do what you believe in.
-Debbie Fields, submitted by Linda H., Manhattan KS


Live your life
so that your children
can tell their children
that you not only stood
for something wonderful-
-you acted on it.
-Dan Zadra, submitted by Kathy P., Osseo WI


You may be tired of the election-related commercials and the phone calls and the mail….AND remember that our democracy works best when we all participate! If you are eligible to vote, DO IT! If you are not eligible to vote, motivate your eligible family, friends, classmates, co-workers, and neighbors to take time this week to DO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!

Speaking of voting, we need you to VOTE FOR RIPPLES this month! During November, we are asking each Ripples subscriber to choose one action in support of Ripples:
– submit a really great quote for an upcoming issue (see below for instructions)
– convince one co-worker or friend to join Ripples (see below for instructions)

We lost several hundred subscribers because of our software glitches earlier this year, and we would really like to end the year above 15,000 subscribers. We need just 400 new subscribers to get there, so PLEASE consider helping us find one or two more!


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