Ripples v8.25: HOPEFUL Ripples!

Ripples v8.25: HOPEFUL Ripples!
6/19/06: a FREE splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts,
liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes.
-Andrew Carnegie, submitted by Lora K.


Hope is a garden of seeds sown with tears,
Planted with love amidst present fears.

Hope is a rainbow of butterfly wings,
Gently it beckons, lightly it sings.

Hope is a present of future each day,
A voice from our heart to show us the way.

Hope is not passive, it is real and alive,
Hope is a strength to guide choices made wise.

Yes, hope is a garden grown from love and from tears,
And hope which is nurtured survives throughout years.
-Mattie T. J. Stepanek, submitted by Mary G., Brookings SD


My HOPE for you this week: that you receive this issue of Ripples!

Many of you have not received Ripples for several weeks, and most of our recent subscribers have not yet received their first issue. I humbly apologize for this and I am hoping those challenges are behind us. The folks that make the software we use to send out Ripples along with the good people that host our website have spent an ENORMOUS amount of time in the past few weeks trying to identify and solve myriad problems. I HOPE we have them largely resolved and that issue makes its way to all 14,000+ members by Monday morning!

Whether you have enjoyed receiving Ripples for a few weeks or many years (or somewhere in between), I would tremendously appreciate your assistance in thanking these two companies who both provide quality services at reasonable rates. Wouldn’t it be Ripply to shower a few hundred postcards on both of these companies from members all over the U.S. (you global Ripplers don’t need to spend extra postage on this effort!!)? If at all possible, please take a moment from your day to scribble a postcard saying “Thank you for helping us with Ripples & The Ripples Project!” and put your first name and where you live and depending upon which side of the Mississippi you live, send it to:

EAST of Mississippi: Active Campaign, 75 E. Wacker Drive # 820, Chicago, IL 60601 (web: )
WEST of Mississippi: Global Servers, 1253 N. Research Way Suite Q-2500 , Orem, UT 84097 (web: )

Technical Support staffs put up with lots and lots of nagging and whining and complaining and very rarely hear THANK YOU. Thousands of you will THINK about doing this, and I am counting on many of you to TAKE ACTION!

Thank you so much for taking a minute to follow through, and I hope we can create some unique ripples!


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