Ripples v8.01: Ripples of LIVING MOMENTS!

Ripples v8.01: Ripples of LIVING MOMENTS!
1/2/06: your FREE weekly splash from Paul & The Ripples Project


Life is nothing but a series of moments.
Start living the moments and the years
will take care of themselves.
-Gary W. Fenchuk, submitted by Sharri d.S., Eugene OR


For a long time it had seemed to me
that life was about to begin — real life.

But there was always some obstacle in the way.
Something to be got through first,
some unfinished business,
time still to be served,
a debt to be paid.
Then life would begin.

At last it dawned on me that
these obstacles were my life.
– Fr. Alfred D’Souza, submitted by Pat J., Waukesha WI


Welcome to 2006!

I am excited to begin our eighth year of sending out Ripples and I am going to celebrate by trying to savor each LIVING MOMENT this week. Won’t you join me? Make an extra effort to remember that this very moment exists just for you to enjoy it. Even the bumps in the road are worth experiencing in the moment because then you can forget them and move on to something more fun.

Enjoy the new year and ENJOY THIS MOMENT!


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